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Dialog Projects and Art Science Labs Cambridge

So thrilled to be working with ASL Cambridge. They will be a truly generative and conversation changing addition to Cambridge and Boston's vibrant cultural innovation scene


A year's worth of thanks - and more

Humbled to be working with profound thinkers, astute creators, ambitious innovators and broad visionaries - my thanks for 2013 adventures. I look forward to realizing foreground and far future projects with you.



Knight Foundation Engaged Communities Strategy Development

Dialog Projects is thrilled to be working with Knight Foundation's Engaged Communities. Look forward to elevating and accelerating some truly marvellous work in cities across the U.S.


Dialog with Art Place

Excited to be talking with Art Place about places, people and projects. Making momentum with what's in                                          place...


Celebrating 2012 - Looking forward to 2013!

Dialog Projects thanks, congratulates and celebrates all partners on their significant creative initiatives and achievements in 2012! Many ambitious, more than a few completely exceptional - all culturally resonant and impactful.

Margot Livesey publishes her seventh novel ‘The Flight of Gemma Hardy’ to wide acclaim 
David Byrne engages speakers nationwide to talk about his latest book ‘How Music Works’
Boston Book Festival celebrates their 4th annual festival, with new initiatives such as Boston Unbound, Celebrating the City and The Future of Reading and prepares to go big in 2013
Gob Squad brings ‘Kitchen’ and ‘Super Night Shot’ to America. 
Boston University launch their new Arts Initiative with David Byrne and renowned psycho-linguist Steven Pinker
Gold Dust Lounge releases ‘Wynwood Bootleg’ and plays the northeast at 2300˚ GlassFest 2012

Looking forward to 2013 projects with existing partners, plus new initiatives with ArtPlace and Boldfacers, Dialog Projects wishes you a healthy and positive new year!