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what we do

 Courtesy of City of Providence. Photographer: Michael CristofaroContent and conversations are developing all the time, driven by a culture of innovation, experimentation and creativity, technological facility and global awareness.

Authors, thought leaders, artists, scientists, designers, architects, business leaders, choreographers, policy makers, musicians, chefs, choreographers etc. want to communicate with audiences in new ways. Audiences want to experience the newest, most astute and relevant thinkers, practitioners and makers directly.

Dialog Projects works to create community, identity and impact through direct interactions with relevant and original thinkers. Developing programs, events and experiences, communities can explore diverse, dynamic and sometimes provocative perspectives on aspects of today’s world.                                      
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Defining Content: DialogProjects has an insightful and prescient vision for content. Informed by multiple relevant contexts – the result is meaningful engagement and experiences driven by vibrant and multidisciplinary speakers.
strategic programming strategy and planning  l  research and analysis  l  concept development and fulfillment  l  content, format and platform facilitation 
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Catalyzing Connections: DialogProjects develops diverse content and community strategies that engage evolving audiences, ideas and experiences. Eliciting relationships that add value, depth and perspective, DialogProjects can help build affinity, bring new opportunities, encourage interaction and instigate new thoughts.  
interpretive strategy and planning  l  innovative methods of public engagement  l  strategic partnership development  l  sponsor engagement and fulfillment  l  interactive marketing and community development
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Inspiring Events: Overseeing the event process from idea conception to project realization and analysis, DialogProjects infuses events with vitality, distinction and focus. Committed to realizing professional and seamless events, DialogProjects ensures that the quality of audience engagement is parallel to exceptional content.
project and event strategy, planning and management  l  pre and post event infrastructure development l  multiplatform knowledge  l  new initiative planning and organization
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